Le niveau de maturité digitale de la chaîne logistique interne des établissements de santé de la province de Québec: une étude exploratoire


Digitalization has been a concern for both practitioners and researchers for several years. It obviously applies to the field of supply chain management, where information flow management plays a major role. In Quebec (Canada), the digitalization of the supply chain of healthcare institutions seems to have historical shortcomings: the presence of large inventories in the various links of the supply chain combined with shortages or stock-outs. However, digitalization can be a promising avenue to improve the performance of healthcare institutions. Considering the investments required to make such a shift, supply chain digitalization must be carried out strategically in order to maximize the benefits. It is therefore important to diagnose the state of practices in healthcare institutions in order to guide decision-makers' choices. The purpose of this article is to answer the following research question: What is the level of digital maturity of the internal supply chain in healthcare institutions in the province of Quebec? In order to collect the data necessary to answer the research question, a questionnaire was administered to measure the digital maturity of the internal supply chain of healthcare institutions on four dimensions: automation, predictive data analytics, clinical integration, and governance and leadership. The analyses conducted show that the level of digital maturity of healthcare institutions is generally low. Consequently, significant efforts are required to reach a higher level of maturity. In particular, governance and leadership seem to play an important role. Therefore, decision-makers must take the time to assess the presence of leadership before initiating more elaborate digitalization projects.

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